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KPN are fully trained & provide a leading wasp nest removal service. Probably the best wasp nest removal company in the Bromley area - KPN provide a full 100% wasp control guarantee to the domestic market.
You can read the KPN wasp nest removal guarantee by clicking here.
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Training & experience is required for safe wasp nest removal
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KPN guarantee their work 100% - download the guarantee doc now
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Wasp Stings
Wasp stings are not just painful in some cases can be fatal.

Wasp Nest Removal Bromley
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High Risk
Do not attempt to remove a wasp nest your self – It really is highly dangerous.
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KPN Wasp Nest Removal
ares a well-established wasp control company with over twenty years’ experience dealing with wasp nests and hornet nests in Bromley and surrounding areas.

Wasp Nest Removal Our Bromley based wasp nest removal team have been treating wasp nests and hornet nests in Bromley & all its surrounding areas for over twenty years. Unlike other Pest Control companies KPN Wasp nest removal only treat wasp & hornet nests so we are able to keep our prices low.

Family Run Business with over 20 years experience. KPN wasp nest removal Surrey also operate Sussex & Kent & have become the leading choice for wasp control in the local area. KPN are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) members, council approved & all staff are CRB checked & undergo specific pest control training needed to safely carry out any hornet nest or wasp nest removal you may need.

10 out of 10 for KPN Bromley wasp nest removal are also members of Checkatrade, a review site where customers can leave their feedback about any particular company, we have had over 190 reviews to date and score an impressive 10/10 on all aspects of our work including price and customer satisfaction.

Wasp Nests Removal Bromley Call Bromley wasp nest removal today if you have a wasp or hornet nest and we can come and treat it for you within 24 hours. Please make sure it is a wasp or hornet nest you have and not honeybees. Honeybee’s rarely need to be culled and if you are not sure if they are wasps or bees then please see our identification pages and information on the benefits of Bees.

Indicating Experience Wasp Nest Removal can be extremely risky, but with more than 20 years’ experience our Bromley based team can quickly and safely destroy any wasp nest infestation you have & we haven’t yet failed to treat or destroy a wasp nest or hornets’ nest no matter where it’s situated, under the roof, in hedges, attics, or in the garden. KPN use the most up to date pest control equipment, humane insecticides & proper safety clothing to remove any hornets or wasps you may have during the season. KPN only ever use poisons containing anaesthetic, making sure wasps & hornets do not become agitated when the treatment is applied, so KPN will never cause wasps to swarm or attack.
Wasp Nest Removal Facts in the majority of wasp nests they are between 5000 & 20,000 strong. People are taken aback that a wasp nest in Bromley or even wasps nests in London can house so many. This is one good point as to why you would need professional wasp nest removal. You do not want to be caught in a swarm after disturbing a wasp’s nest. There are between 500 – 1000 hornets in a hornet’s nest and they will also defend their nests in large numbers.

Indicating experience Bromley wasp nest removal are a VAT registered company. This should indicate the vast number of wasp nests KPN have had to treat. Experience is of the highest importance when dealing with something as volatile as a wasp or hornet’s nest. However if you are not registered for VAT then KPN will incur the charge for you..

Some insecticides Some insecticides can be damaging to fish, bees & bats which are all protected by certain laws, but with KPN's experience & understanding, these issues will be taken into account & only safe treatments will ever be given.

"Wasp Nest Removal Bromley & totally removed"

Hornet & wasp control When the summer starts to warm up in Bromley & London, wasp nests start to accelerate. Wasp nest removal can have serious consequences for anyone not trained, but you can be assured of a quick, safe & humane treatment when you use our Bromley based team.

KPN Pest Control Bromley & all areas

Bromley Wasp Nest Removal only treat wasp nests and hornet nests, we do no other types of pest control. If you need a pest controller for anything other than wasps or hornets then we have devised a list of pest controllers on our contacts page. Please be aware that the pest control companies listed have no association with KPN and are to be used at your own discretion.

Bee Swarm Collection Bromley
It is important to know the difference between bees and wasps, wasps live in a nest whereas a swarm of bees do not. You would generally find a bee swarm in trees, bushes or at the top of chimney stacks. KPN wasp nest removal try not to kill bees unless absolutely essential and cannot be collected by a specialist bee swarm collection service.

Wasp Nest Removal

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KPN wasp nest removal has developed a guarantee that you are able to download and keep in case we ever had to return to a nest that remained active. 96% of all wasp control is successful the first time but occasionally a wasp nest will need two treatments. You only ever pay for one.

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